What is retina in human eye?

asked Nov 2, 2014 in Biology by teja (5,919 points)

1 Answer

answered Nov 2, 2014 by sivannarayana (2,271 points)
A. In latin language (rete means net) retina means net of nerve.Retina is a multilayered, delicate light-sensitive membrane. It is a lining the inner part of eyeball and connected by optic nerve to the brain. Images focused on retina by the lens of eye are transmitted to brain through optic nerve as nerve impulse. The retina has many layers. These layers have Rods and cones. The rods and cones are very sensitive to light. It is one most important part of eye, without retina eye cannot do its function (visualization). Retina covers 65% of interior surface of eye. Middle of the retina has a small circle called fovea. It is responsible for sharpest vision and more color perception. The retina layer thickness was found to be 0.1- 0.5mm
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