What is full form of ITU and where it located?

asked Dec 22, 2015 in Education by teja (5,919 points)

1 Answer

answered Dec 22, 2015 by sivannarayana (2,271 points)

The full form of ITU is INTERNATIONAL TELICOMUNICATION UNION.  It is formed in 17th may 1865. The headquarters are Geneva, Swizerland. The original name is International Telegraph Union. This is one of special agency for the united nations. The ITU is working as intergovernmental public private partnership organization. 193 member states are there in the ITU. The ITU is active in different area like broadband internet, TV broadcasting, maritime navigations, mobile phones internet access, internet data, voicesatellite based technology, astronomy and also in the exchange ideas, technology as well as technology. This organization most help full for the world.  

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