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YouTube is one of the leading social media channel where it contains educational, promotional, movies and much more videos. With respective to companies and individuals, one can create YouTube channel and promote their videos in their wall to the public. Public has a freedom to like, dislike, share, comment, flag on to their videos.

If you would like to remove or delete unwanted comments in your videos. Follow the simple steps to remove or delete the comment hassle-freely.

  1. Sign in your YouTube channel with your login details
  2. Go to my channel option.
  3. Browse the video from your list of YouTube videos and click on it.
  4. Browse the comment you would like delete or remove.
  5. You can see a toggle button (three dots vertically) to the right hand side of the comment. Click on it.
  6. You can see three options available; Pin to the top list, Remove, and Hide the user from the YouTube Channel.
  7. Select Remove option to delete the comment permanently.
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