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The following are various applications of potentiometry

It is used for the determination of equilibrium constant

Determination of ionic product of water

Determination of dissociation constant of acids

It is useful for known the activity coefficient

To study the solubility and solubility product of sparingly soluble electrolytes

The potentiometry to know the valency of metal ions

It is most helpful for the determination of instability of complex ions in complexometry

The potentimetry helpful for the determination of Ca, K, Cl ions in the body fluids like blood, plasma, sweat and serum.

Potentiometry useful in the detergent industry to study the effect of Ca, Ba, F on water.

In Agriculture to estimate K,Ca,Cl,CN,NO3, NH3 in soil, fertilizers, feed stuffs and plant materials.

The potentiometry helpful for determination pollutant in drinking water.

Food industry

Determination of NO3, NO2 in meat preservatives

NaCl content in meat, fish, dairy products and fruit juice

Ca content in dairy products, beer, wines and brewing solutions

K content in fruit juices, beer and wines

Corrosive effect of NO3 in canned food

Paper manufacturing – S and Cl in pulping and recovery cycle liquors

Explosive- F, Cl and NO3 in chemical warfare agents and combustion products.

Health: Determination of pH of blood for diagnosis of acidosis or alkalosis

Pharmaceutical industry: To determine the pH of given chemical agents and also in the detection of end point in potentiometry titration of certain drugs like amoxicillin, propranolol.