What are the instructions that we need to follow After Minor Oral Surgical Procedures?

asked May 27, 2017 in Health by Cooper Davis (1,031 points)

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answered May 27, 2017 by Michael (1,269 points)

Please follow the below instructions when you under go dental surgery

1. Immediately after reaching home, start external ice application intermittently outside the surgical site for 30mins.

2. Avoid spitting and rinsing today

3. Keep the mouth firmly closed for 45 minutes after which discard the gauze pad kept in the mouth

4. Do not irritate the surgical site with your tongue/lips

5. Do not eat or drink anything for at least 2-3 hrs except dose of prescribed medicines

6. In meals, take soft diet like kichidi, suji halwa, dalia, curd rice, dal rice, idly, all in cold state. You can take ice cream, cold milk, juices, milk shakes and soft drinks. You may resume your diet after 2-3 days

7. No smoking and liquor consumption for at least 24 hours

8. All prescribed medicines should be taken strictly as per the dosage

9. Take complete best rest for at least 24 hours. You may have been recommended "EXCUSE DUTY"

10. Be careful while tooth brushing and tongue cleaning and it can be continued as usual from next day

11. If sutures (stitches) are given, the same will be removed after 1 week

12. From next day on wards, rinse your mouth gently with hot saline water (one spoonful of salt added to half a glass of hot water) for every 4hrs interval for at least 30 days

In case of any problem do not hesitate to contact the dental institute / dental physician

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