Why water kept closed loop continuous circulation in pharmaceutical industry?

asked May 28, 2017 in Pharmacy by Michael (1,269 points)

1 Answer

answered Jun 13, 2017 by sivanagalakshmi (275 points)

Microorganisms are highly pathogenic and causes serious diseases. Water is the best medium to grow for most of the microorganisms. One of the common causes for health problems now-a-days is due to consumption of contaminated water. Microorganisms settle on the surface of stagnant water (stagnant water which is aerated from few hours to days). These settled microorganisms grow and form a film over the vessels and lop lines. The film which was formed by the harmful pathogens are known as biofilms. It is very difficult to remove biofilms. Even if  we try to remove with chlorination technique or any methods, still biofilms will be formed due to remnants of it.

Hence to avoid microbial growth in a loop line, we need to change water regularly and try to maintain the temperature in between 65oC to 80o C for self sanitization. In pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals circulate the purified water and WFI continuously. 

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