List some important tools that are useful for Marketing industry professionals?

asked Oct 2, 2017 in Business by sridevi (3 points)
I would like to know some important or essential tools that are useful in marketing industry. Mostly on leads, customer relations, advertising and analytics.

1 Answer

answered Oct 2, 2017 by patricia (17 points)

Here are some of the tolls that we use in our company, This may helpful.

  • Brand Mentions and Email Alerts  - Buzzsumo
  • New Links and Email Alerts   - Majestic
  • News and Trend Alerts   - Google Alerts, Trends Monitor, Business Insider
  • Social media Sharing - Cyfe, Hootsuite
  • Leads Management - Salesmate, Zoho
  • Plagiarism check (to find copied content) -
  • Image edits - Pixlr editor
  • Collage maker - Pixlr Express
  • Mail Marketing - mailchimp
  • Ranking Change Alerts  - Serpstat
  • PPT making - canva
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