How to keep your home clean?

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Ways to keep our home neat and clean. Learn more to see how?

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Keeping home clean is each and every individual’s responsibility who lives in home. Until we do some work we never know how difficult or easy it would be. It’s not only mom who should take care of home, share the work contribute from your side as well for a clean, neat and happy home. Below are things which we can do to keep our home clean

Living room:

Living room is a place where it is first exposed in home, when someone enters home they can judge by first glance about home. Things to be kept in mind when we arrange our living room

  • Make sure newspaper are arranged properly in defined place in an order.
  • Never place unnecessary things near TV just because it is easy to take.
  • Arrange chairs, sofa covers when they are disturbed. No one needs to specially say you or ask you to arrange.
  • Arranging your books, toys in allotted area for them.
  • Placing of keys and spectacles in their defined place.
  • Placing of sandals in proper place in orderly way.

           Living Room

Bed room:

Bed room is another place where we use it as how we want. Some people throw away things     here and there because of hurry when they rush to work or may be because of laziness to keep   things in proper place.

  • Make a deal between you and your partner saying who ever wakes up late they have to arrange the bed. Which may in fact makes a competition to get up early which keeps away laziness.
  • Keep a laundry bag to dump the used clothes instead of throwing it on floor or some corner.
  • Keep different slots near your dressing table for combs, perfumes, makeup items, oils etc. Make a habit that things should be placed from where they are taken.
  • Keep your mobile chargers and other gadgets in a cupboard which is easy to take and good to see.
  • Always keep a wiping mat to wipe your legs before you get on to bed.

          Bed room


Kitchen is a place where it should be hygienic and clean for proper maintenance of health.

  • Always use 3 hand towels in kitchen.

1) One towel use it for wiping the vessels after you wash them to avoid dripping of water all over the floor.

2) Second towel you can use it to wipe your hands when you wash your hands while cooking.

3) Third one is to use when something spills while you work. You can use wet wipes here as well to clean.

  • Make sure all the items which you place in the containers are visible and check if something is getting spoiled.
  • Check your refrigerator often. Don’t dump everything in it. Prioritize the item and move it to the front so that they will be visible.
  • Clean the stove area after you are done with your cooking every day.



  • Arrange the things in order. Soaps, shampoo, conditioner, etc should be in order.
  • Try to keep all the necessary things in a dry place so that water will not spread all over.
  • Make sure you clean your washrooms after every use.
  • Never leave wet clothes inside the washroom.


Once in a week make some free time to dust your home and check if everything is proper. These are few of the best ways to keep your home clean.

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