Which country has the highest population in the world?

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Need to know the country that has the highest population in the world

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China has the highest population in the world. 

The population of China is 1,384,688,986

Other facts:

  • China has the largest Army
  • Chinese New year is celebrated for 15days
  • One of the 12 animals are represented for each year
  • Hong Kong a city in China has the highest skyscrapers in the world compared to other cities
  • China stretches around 5000 km from east to west and 5500 km from North to south
  • China has one of the oldest civilization in the world
  • Chopsticks are used predominantly in China
  • Table Tennis is the national game of China 
  • Most of the people in China measure success by the things they own, which makes China a materialistic country 

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Image Source: https://enterprise.maps.com/portfolio-item/country-map-china/ 

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