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Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that any collaboratively edited and it is supported by Wikimedia Foundation. There are volunteers who write articles which can be accessed by anyone and can be edited b any one. Wikipedia is ranked fifth among all the global websites according to “The NewYork Times”. This was started by Jimmy Whales and Larry Saneger in January 15th 2001. The open nature of Wikipedia has caused large amounts of vandalism and loss of information along with inconsistency. There are computer programs called bots which have been actively used to correct common misspellings, these bots warn users and blocks edits from a particular account or IP address.


There are certain rules for an entry to be valid in Wikipedia. It states that the topic should be encyclopedic and not an dictionary entry. And one must not take sides. All opinions must be given equal share and there must be a neutral point of view. The Wikipedia cult never asks the user to disclose its identity. And there are “administrators” actively working in cases of vandalism or editorial disputes and blocking users from editing. The process of appointing a Wikipedia Administrator has been more rigorous, fewer editors are promoted to admin status in years past.

There are also language editions in Wikipedia . There are about 287 language of over millions and millions articles in these languages. Though these are held with the “Neutral point of view policy” .

Jimmy Whales also described Wikipedia as “ an effort to create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their own language”

But one major concern is privacy! It is the right of the person to reveal his identity which can cause a major issue in the global scale. In January 2006, A German court ordered Wikipedia to shut down its operations because of a deceased hacker !.

But come what may in my opinion Wikipedia is the best online encyclopedia available for Public use. The Best part being it’s free!

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