Ice Cream and its Flavours

Ice Cream and its Flavours

Ice Cream or also known as “Iced Cream” is a frozen desert, generally made from dairy products which includes – milk and cream. Often dry fruits and other ingredients are mixed with the dairy products to make different flavours. Most of the varieties of ice cream are made up of sugar, while rest of the varieties are made from other sweeteners. Artificial flavours and colourings are widely used in ice creams to make it look very lucrative.

Terms such as “sorbet”, “frozen yoghurt” and “gelato” are the most used alternative phrases for ice cream in several countries. Ice cream is also made up of goat’s and sheep’s milk for those who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to dairy protein. Yet, there are many flavours of ice cream available in the market, but chocolate and vanilla are the most common flavour.

Types of ice cream

With time, several modifications have been made within the very traditional ice cream. There are numerous types of ice cream, few of which can be categorized as-

  • Hard Ice Cream

Regular ice creams made from dairy products, sugar, which may contain eggs and stabilizers are known as hard ice cream. Flavours such as fruits, vanilla, chocolates are also added to enhance the taste.

  • Soft Ice cream

Ice cream that is prepared with milk, sugar, stabilizers and flavours are frozen at a high temperature using a special technology that keeps the mixture smooth and creamy even at high temperature. Later it is stored in a machine in a liquid form and is served in a cone.

  • Light Ice cream

The difference between traditional ice creams and light ice cream is, this type of ice cream has 25% less milk fat, and otherwise, it is also made up of milk, sugar and stabilizers and different flavours.

  • French Ice Cream

These ice creams have a custard base that contains cream, milk, egg yolks, sugar and stabilizers.

  • Reduced Fat Ice Cream

The reduced fat ice creams are made with lower fat milk, sugar and stabilizers. The amount of fat is really low and is preferred by most fat conscious people.

  • Lactose free ice cream

For people with lactose intolerance, ice creams are made especially of added lactase enzyme, which eliminates the delectable lactose.

  • Gluten free ice cream

Often the stabilizers and other ingredients that the ice cream is made up of may contain gluten that is why these kinds of ice creams are made especially of ingredients that are gluten free.

  • Gelato

Milk, egg yolks, sugar and sweeteners are the major ingredients of gelato. More amount of milk is used than cream in making an Italian style Gelato. The flavours of gelato are more intense than hard ice creams.

  • No Sugar Added Ice Cream

Instead of adding sugar, artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes are used for flavourings. These ice creams are normally low in fat.

  • Organic Ice Cream

Ice cream made from the organically processed dairy products and other ingredients are known as organic ice cream.

Different flavours

Through the ages, different flavours are tried to make ice cream, more relishing with every bite. However, some of the top flavours of ice cream, that has become world renowned are-

  • Vanilla

Vanilla is considered as one of the most common yet delicious flavours of ice cream. This flavour of ice cream can be found on any parts of the world. Every bite of a vanilla ice cream is soft and creamy which enriches the ice cream experience even better.

  • Chocolate

Among the ice cream lovers, chocolate flavour is equally popular. Chocolate ice cream is also a very popular flavoured ice cream. There are several kinds of chocolate flavours, such as Milk, Dark and Swiss.

  • Strawberry

The pink coloured strawberry flavoured ice cream is very popular among its admirers. Strawberry is one of the most delectable flavours of ice cream.

  • Mint

The refreshing minty flavour of an ice cream is worth tasting. Often the mint flavour comes in combination of chocolate and mint or strawberry or mint.

  • Pistachio

Pistachio is another ice cream flavour that certainly deserves a bite to understand its taste. The delightful taste of pistachio flavoured ice cream is indeed yummy.

  • Two-in-One

The Two-in-One ice cream flavours are an amazing mix of two flavours in one ice cream. Either strawberry or vanilla is mixed to make one flavour or vanilla and chocolate flavour is mixed to make one ideal flavour. However these flavours can vary.

  • Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant flavoured ice cream is also very enchanting flavour that creates ripples of magic among ice cream lovers.

However there are numerous ice cream flavours which are available. Many new flavours are also added to treat the taste buds of the ice cream lovers with great new taste.