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  1. The touch screen is new technology, in this computer display screen act as input device. These screens works based on the pressure.  The screens are sensitive to pressure applied on it.  In the touch screen technology majorly four types are there.
  1. Resistive: In this two layers are there upper layer made up of with polyethylene bottom layer made-up with rigid glass. In these two layer are coat with Tin oxide.  Between these layer a spacer is there by applying pressure on top layer an electric current supply to the bottom layer leads to transmit signals.   
  2. Capacitive: In this type we should touch with either finger or stylus. The touch screen panel coated with electrical charged material. During touch the panel electrical materials send the signals to the points of contact and send the information to controller. 
  3. Surface Acoustic wave: In this technology ultrasonic waves are used as source of transmission. When we are touch the screen  ultrasonic waves are transmit the information to controller.  
  4.  Infrared:   These infrared waves also called as IR waves also responsible to transmit the information to control center.. 
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