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Payroll is a detailed record of an organization’s or company's employees and the total amount of salaries/payments/wages that are to be paid to employees and which includes bonuses, deductions etc.,

Payroll system plays an important role in an organization in several aspects.


Typically a company requires a detailed explanatory and real time record for all the transactions and which should match with the balance sheet.

To manage this Payroll activities, nowadays software’s are available with the below given features

  • Salaries and salary slips
  • Leave management
  • Biometric attendance integration
  • Incentives to employees
  • Overtime / compensatory pay
  • General taxes and other taxes
  • Social communication
  • Medical claim
  • ESI, EPF, Loans etc
  • Reimbursements
  • Holidays /vacations
  • Sick leaves, casual leaves, earned leaves
  • Insurance plan
  • Stock or profit sharing plans


- It (payroll software) gives accurate values and maintains past data.


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