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A breadcrumb is a navigation that helps the customer to keep track of their location of document. (In website the Breadcrumb appears at the top of the web page below the headers or at the bottom above the Footer in a horizontal manner.) In Website the Breadcrumbs appear either in Horizontal or vertical manner. Symbols like >, /, . ,:: , are used as separators. When user turn across many pages in a site and want to know the navigation that how he has landed to the current page, in such a scenario breadcrumbs plays a role and helps the user with link backs to the landing point. Breadcrumbs are more likely used in ecommerce websites to display the categories of product. A page can have more than one Breadcrumb. The navigation starts commonly with the Home page link and later the sub sections links will be listed.


When should Breadcrumbs to be used:

It can be used for a sites having proper hierarchical structure. A website that can be greatly benefited from Breadcrumb navigation is by building a sitemap in a hierarchy fashion. It is an option to navigate within the website and that should not affect the primary navigations. Main menus, URL and search boxes are the primary usability for the routing.

Benefits of using Breadcrumbs:

-          Breadcrumb navigation is a time consuming preference that benefits the visitor in finding the website section in a hierarchy.

-          Boost’s the usability of a website and user’s comforts by setting the little things correct.

-          It occupies less space in the web page.

-          It is a one click way in to higher site level.

-          Breadcrumb navigation will do well when the site finds bigger and user will not find it complex to know the path.

-          Visually pleasing

-          Easy to backtrack