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Meta tags are the attributes in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) to provide information to the search engines about the webpage such as title, what the page is about, from which keywords website can be identified and many more. This information will not be displayed in the website content; rather they are machine parsable, which will be displayed for users when they search for particular phrases. They do not affect the appearance of the page. 


Adding Meta elements in your document

Meta tags are enclosed within head tag in the HTML document. Attributes include name/value pairs. 





Charset (character set)


Specifies character encoding for HTML file


Description, keywords, author, last modified, application name, viewport

Specifies name for the property



Specifies property’s values.

http-equiv (http-equivalent)

Content-type, default-style, refresh

Used for HTTP response message headers

From the SEO perspective, the important attributes to be mentioned in Meta for search results are keywords, description and title.




<title>Webpage name</title>


Inserting keywords


<meta name=”keywords” content=”meta, tags, keywords, description”>




<meta name=”description” content=”Meta tags are attributes in HTML to provide information to search engines about webpage”>


Refresh a page


<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”30”>


Optimal length for title and description

Title – should be chosen relevant to the page. Maximum characters used including spaces are 65 to 70 characters.

Description – a brief description about the webpage within 165 to 170 characters including spaces.

You can use more characters but Google will display only up to 65 – 70 characters for title and 165 to 170 characters for description.

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