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Definition: Directory Submission is a process of adding your website along with URL and addition details including title, description, keywords and few other factors on to the web directory under appropriate category. Web directories are not search engines to display the results based on queries, rather, they display list of results under category and sub category. Directories are one of the easiest ways for websites for establishing backlinks to their site. They improve the popularity as they are one of the SEO strategies to target the users and increase web traffic. Some directories rank well for significant search terms, and if you are listed in those directories, the chances of gaining the additional exposure in results page is more. It is a way to show your presence online throughout the web.

Use of Directory Submission in SEO:

It is off-page SEO for a site. After submitting the link to directories, human reviewer will visit and validate the information. Link will be included in the list after approval. They serve as directions for search engine crawlers. When the crawlers visit your site more number of times through external references, they consider your site to be important and hence attach more value to it. Keywords can be used in title and description while submitting to web directories.

Search engines index the directories quickly, as spiders crawl the internet to update information of the recently added or updated links. When new search engines are launched, they go through online directories to index validated links, thus saving your time in submitting to all new engines. Links play a vital role in providing reference to sites; high priority will be given to quality links and better pagerank will be assigned for website getting backlinks form them which in turn increases rank in SERP. One best example for directory submission is DMOZ - Open Directory Project, which offers free submission. 

Benefits of directory submission

·         Importance will be given to the quality and high pagerank inbound links to your site from web directories by the search engines.

·        When submitting links, along with providing keywords, mention few other unique keywords in title and description as they generate SEO anchor text and increase rank.

·         Most of the submissions are manual and are free.

·     Web directories results in providing right links under right category to the search query. Even if you have mentioned under wrong category, as validation is done by humans, there are more possibility of them changing to correct category.

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