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What is Anchor text?

Anchor text is a visible text or words that hyperlink when clicked, directs to another document on the web. The Anchor text is also known as Link Title or Link Label. It is blue color with underline is the web standard and can be changed through HTML code. The text should be relevant to the page you are linking to.

Anchor text

Search engine searches for many signals to determine the topic of a web page and it can redirect to internal or external links in web page. Getting quality of anchor text plays a major role in ranking the page for specific keywords. 

Anchor text

The anchor text will be coded as follows:

Anchor text

The Anchor text can be used in the form of keywords, in Tabs, used as Site links, for sorting the products, form of Images. We use long tail keywords, synonyms, Variations of URL’s, if it is a multi language website then use anchor text in different language, can use Brand name, Image links with alt text. Anchor text can be replaced by an image but need to make sure that alt tag should be with appropriate keywords. 

Benefits of using anchor text:

1.     They can use the keywords they want to rank for in these elements.

2.     If many links point to the same URL then that page has a chance of getting good rank.

3.     It helps in ranking a page.

4.      Benefits in getting more inbound links. 

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