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Blogging is the off page optimization process to be ranked and drive traffic to your website. If your site is updating with unique interactive content in a regular course of time then Google will crawl and index your site that helps to found in search results in organic search. Having a blog in your site helps directly or indirectly gets visitors to your site and chances of converting them as customers will be more.Through blogs you can revise the content habitually that aids in getting the link to the site. Adding the links within the blog posts and linking it internally within the site to other product pages will greatly help your ranking.

The posts on the blog should be useful to visitors. The users concentrate on how it is more useful for them than what is your product about. Hence, the blog should explain in general about your services than explaining about your product. For example: If you’re providing service and can say in blog ‘how your service is best in the world’ than writing on deals. It is one technique to tell Google that you are active.  

When site is often active by writing a blog then it’s a sign for search engines that to index the page and frequently checking for what new content is published for to index. That is one opportunity to drive traffic to your site through organic search. Social media plays its role in blogging too; people can share the content written on blog posts through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. Social media facilitates to expose your business to new audience.

By adding a call-to-action for each blog posts is one method to generate new leads.  In Call-to-action free content is shared to exchange information through free ebooks, webinars, etc. Set your own standards that how many visitors should convert into leads and do your best to progress each month. Business blog helps the sales and service professionals to know the customer requirements through answering the questions customers have. 

Blogging does not require designing and graphics skills; instead a creative unique interactive content is wealthier. It is one cost effective marketing effort that create a two-way communication with audience. The few hours of time spent on writing the blog may help in future to get hundred and thousand of leads.

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