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Each atom contains mainly three types of sub atomic particles.

They are 1.Protons  



Protons and Neutrons are existing in the nucleus. So they are known as Nucleons.

Electrons are moving around the nucleons in the energy levels.

  1. PROTONS:    
  • Protons are positively charged particles. Each proton possesses one unit positive charge.
  • Its mass is nearly equal to Hydrogen mass.
  • The actual mass of a proton is 4.673 x 1024gm or 1.0076a.m.u.
  • The actual charge of proton is 1.602x10-19 coulomb.


  • Electrons are negatively charged particles and they possess one unit of negative charge.
  • The mass of an electron is equal to 1/1837th part of Hydrogen atom mass.
  • The actual mass of an electron is 9.11x10-28gm or 0.000548a.m.u.
  • The actual charge of an electron is -1.602x10-19coulombs.


  • Neutrons are neutral in charge. They do not posses either positive charge or negative charge.
  •  Each Neutron possesses an equal mass of a proton.
  • The mass of neutron is 1.675x10-24gm or 1.0080a.m.u.