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The new and latest IT threat/ challenge is in front of us in the form of ransomware virus which affects the data of many systems.

Be vigilant when you are accessing links received via email, many of the organizations
has been hit by ransomware via malicious attachments or links to malicious websites and It is recorded as one of the fastest growing cyber threats.

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts all of the files accessible to the infected computer before demanding that a ransom be paid to unlock them. Wannacry Ransomware functions like a worm which means it look for other computers to infect the virus once if it is infected in one computer system.

Below are the most common Ransomware injection sources:

A common ransomware scenario would be as follows. The victim gets an email from what appears to be a friend or other trusted source, and the email contains an executable link. The file is opened unknowingly because it appears to the recipient as innocent, and immediately this triggers the download of crypto malware. The victims files are then encrypted and held hostage for a ransom in order to get the decryption key.

Precautions :

- Be cautious while opening the links via email

- Don't use the pendrives at unknown sources and inter transfer the data through pen drives

- Don't trust the torrent or other movies/softwares etc...  sources

- Don't open the links in social media that compels your mind with different presentations

- Don't follow or open the irrelevant or unknown  groups and don't get attracted to the fancy offers that are shown

- Avoid clicking the fancy ads that appears on various sites including adults,  children and much more.
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