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Search Engine Marketing - SEM Industry Best Practices

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As it is not possible to cover all the best practices of the SEM in one post. I have tried explaining as much as possible (which are basics)

Account Analysis and Optimization
- Check the ad scheduling timings
- Target the right and tight Geo that business serves
- Set goals for campaign and plan the ad groups accordingly
- Look for the competitive keywords and bids for that keywords and set monthly and daily budget
- Adjusting bids to maximize profits
- Automating your Bidding Strategy based on the account performance
- Integrate Google analytics to understand the campaign in a better way
- Capture Mobile users with the mobile bid adjustments
- Optimize and Manage Your Product Data in Merchant Center
- Test your campaigns in AdWords (A/B testing, multivariate testing and much more)

Keyword Optimization
- Choose the potential business keywords that have search volume by using Google keyword planner tool
- Industry Research plays a major role
- create a set of negative keywords list to avoid the irrelevant traffic to landing page and also it saves bucks
- Improve the Quality Score

Ad Optimization
- Create Effective Text Ads
- Enhance Your Ads with the suitable Ad Extensions
- Display the right message
- Focus on promotions and compelling ad copies
- Tempting CTAs (Call to action)
-  Always use active verbs to better attention
- Mobile specific ads are mandatory to draw the mobile user’s attention

Landing Page Optimization
- Focus on the keywords and the services that business offers
- Use more number of benefits not the features
- Competitive advantages
- Price cuts and savings
- High-quality User experience
- Avoid repetition and redundant content
- Email, form fills, contact details, directions, business hours and other information is mandatory to display on the LP (landing page)

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