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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Industry Best Practices

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There are so many Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) techniques and strategies that are followed by the SEO professionals and it varies from executive to executive. Some of the industry best practices are shared below for your reference

1.On-Page Optimization – Plays a major role in acquiring the potential results
(Meta Tags, Analytics, Robots.txt, sitemap.xml and much more )
2.Off-Page optimization – Helps bringing in the referral traffic to the LP
(Social Media sharing, Directory submissions, search engine submissions, forum submissions, blogging, blog commenting, social media group sharing and much more)
3.Competitor Analysis – Competitor analysis is one of the major and most important activity that a SEO executive should perform to bring the results
4.Website Analysis – Website needs to be analyzed completely and thoroughly

  • Keyword density
  • Keywords needs to be placed above the fold
  • Call to actions helps to improve the conversion rate

5.Mobile Friendly – As the increasing mobile users, website should be mobile friendly. Either AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages ) pages or dedicated mobile sites would help in increasing the ranking for mobile searches
6. Maintaining the quality, relevant and informative content across the web pages and blog posts
7. Internal linking
8. Blog section
9. Following the Google updates such as Panda, Penguin, Humming bird and much more
10. Regular articles and press release submissions

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