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how to keep our society an eco friendly society by protecting the environment? Learn more.

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• For a healthy life, healthy environment is very essential. Keeping our health fit is one of our responsibilities; similarly protecting the environment is every individual’s responsibility.
• Fresh air, clean environment leads to a good society. We need to follow few things to protect our environment.
Keeping our surroundings clean:

  • Cleanliness is not constrained to body, surrounding should also be clean. Dump the waste in the dustbins. Educate other people also on the same.
  •  By doing this the germs will not be carried from one place to another place which causes contaminated diseases.


  • Plating tress reduces the pollution. Plant as many trees you can.
  • Plants take carbon dioxide and give us oxygen which is required for our body.
  •  By planting more trees, temperature of our surroundings will be maintained.

Use of public transport:

  • In recent days, people use personal transportation more than public transport which results in heavy traffic and release of carbon monoxide, a toxic chemical.
  • Try to use bicycles for short distance which is good for health and environment.
  • Walking is a good practice when it is a shorter distance.

By avoiding plastic:

  •  Usage of plastic in our day-to-day life should be reduced as it is not bio-degradable.
  • We need to avoid using plastic includes carry bags, plates, spoons, water bottles etc.

By following the above steps environment can be protected. Let’s bring our hands together to make a eco-friendly society.