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Want to know interesting facts about Dead sea. Learn more.

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Dead Sea is a Floating sea which is a salt water lake. The name floating sea is because people float in this sea which is most interesting point. It’s the earth’s lowest elevation on land. Generally we all know that sea water consist of salt, however Dead Sea water consist of more amount salt. Below is a small calculation for better understanding.

Normal Sea Water:

Sea water usually have a salinity of 3.5% which is, every 1 litre of water consist of 35 grams of salt.

Dead Sea Water:

Dead Sea have a salinity of 33.7% which is almost 10 times saltier than normal sea water. If this water is evaporated approximately 250g of salt would be left out.

Interesting Facts:

1) Due to its high salinity, all the substances/objects floats instead of drowning

2) No living creature like fishes, sharks or water animals survives in Dead Sea because of its high density

3) Dead Sea attracts various tourists all over the world as it has its unique feature which makes people to float. Even the mud of this Sea has rich minerals which enriches our beauty when it is applied on to the skin

4) Dead Sea provides various minerals to industries for trading purpose

Threat to Natural Resource and prevention of threat:

Recent investigations have said that Dead Sea is decreasing by 1 meter every year. This can be reduced by avoiding disposal of waste and plastic in the sea.

“Protect the environment and the environment protects you”