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How to provide effective business presentations in companies or stages where you are asked to explain about a topic

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Few tips to make impacting presentations

  1. Knowing Audience
    • First and foremost understand the background of the audience attending the conference.
    • This helps to prepare the flow accordingly focusing on the points to be covered in details
  2. Practice & prepare
    • Practice the presentation from start to end
  3. Storytelling    
    • Plan to convey the message through a story
    • The stories/examples  helps the audience to understand better
  4. Articulate ideas properly
    • Articulating the message in the proper flow helps the audience to grasp the information conveyed easily
  5. Create connecting bridges
    • Direct the audience from where they are now and how they want to be?
    • Show them the way to proceed forward
  6. Focus on visuals
    • Keep the visuals simple and clear that conveys proper message to the audience
  7. KISS strategy
    • Keep It Short & Simple. The easiest strategy followed by people to deliver amazing business presentations
  8. Deliver the message with confidence
    • Confidence acts a key for the presentation. The confident presenter gives a positive impact on the audience and creates a positive vibe
  9. Don’t overload slides           
    • Keep the slides limited and convey the message verbally to the audience
    • Never be dependent on the slides
    • Don’t read out the slides
    • Keep short pointers in the slide and  explain in detail with example
  10. Provide action points
    • Always have action points and next step discussion
    • Respond to the queries with patience
    • Make note of the queries and plan for the action points