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A.      The term Parma first used since 15th -17th centuries. The word derived from “Greek” language “Pharmakon” means “drug” or “medicine”.  We have huge number of medicines and formulations, all these formulations are prepared by pharmacy professionals.

Definition: Pharmacy is branch of science deals the preparation and dispensing of drugs and medicines.

History of pharmacy: The formulations of medicines are done in Ayurveda. The standard compendium in Ayurveda is Sushruta samhita. This book was an ancient medicinal standard it attributes from 6th century B.C. This was preserved until 3rd or 4th century A.D.

In this way in various countries medicines were prepared from 7th century B.C. The Chinese, Europeans, Japanese, Ancient Egyptians were developed various medicines for treatment of diseases.

·         In ancient Greece Hippocrates, Edward Kremers, and Glenn Sonnedecker were done various experiments on medicinal plants. The Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides prepares a five volumes book for medicines that is Meteria medica.

·         The earliest Chinese develop a literature include prescriptions for various aliments, exemplified by manuscript of “Recipes for 52 ailments”.

·         The first pharmacy in Europe opened in 1241 still working in Trier, Germany.

 Duties of pharmacy professionals:  Formulation, dispensing, research works, patent safety, development of novel drugs, dosage regimen all these are major duties of pharmacy professionals.  

Branches of pharmacy:

·         Ambulatory care pharmacy

·         Clinical pharmacy

·         Community pharmacy

·         Consultant pharmcy

·         Hospital pharmacy

·         Military Pharmacy

·         Nuclear pharmacy

·         Pharmaceutical analysis

·         Pharmaceutical chemistry

·         Pharmaceutical technology

·         Pharmaceutics

·         Pharmacognocy

·         Pharmacokinetics

·         Pharmacology

·         Pharmacutical jurisprudence

·         Pharmacy informatics

·         Pharmacy practices

·         Quality assurance

·         Veterinary pharmacy