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  1. The Rouges are one of coloring beauty aids. These are casually applied by ladies for improve their beauty. The rouges are available in various color shades. These are applied on cheeks of the face. These are easy to apply on skin. These are helpful for cover aging blemishes. These contain high proportion of pigments.

Ingredients: The fallowing ingredients are used for formulation of Rouges.

The major ingredients in the formulation of Rouges dye. The other ingredients like adhesive materials are used for sticking of colors on skin.

  1. Water soluble colors: these are used for staining of skin e.g.: Iron oxide
  2. Bromo acid: It is mainly used for blushing effect.

Various colors are used in preparation of Rouges pale pink to dark blue. The reddish brown pigments are used mainly for impart red color.

Classification of Rouges: The Rouges are classified into four categories based on their dispensing medium.

  1. Powder and compact rouges
  2. Anhydrous cream rouges
  3. Emulsion cream rouges
  4. Liquid rouges
  1.   Powder and compact rouges: These are marketed in the form of powders. In these formulations ingredients (Pigments and lakes) are present in dry form. The coloring agents are must be 5-20% of total powder. Ingredients; Zinc state, talc, magnesium state.
  2. Anhydrous cream rouges: These are also known as wax-based rouges. These are similar to lipstick formulations. The coloring agents are dispersed into melted wax. The melting point of waxes must be 40-60oc. 
  3. Emulsion cream rouges: These are nowadays widely used rouges. In the preparations both aqueous as well as oily phases are there. In these preparations both water soluble and water insoluble dyes can be used. These are easily applicable on skin. In these formulations hygroscopic ingredients like glycerin, glycol and sorbitol are used for prevention of water loss.   
  4. Liquid rouges: In these preparations contain solutions of hydro-alcoholic colors.