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            The full form of NABARD is National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. Integrated Rural Development Programs (IRDP) are conducted by Indian government for improve self employment opportunity. For this program the NABARD refinance to banks.

·         The NABARD play an important role in credits for agricultural purpose as well as other economical activities in rural areas.

·         It is mainly concentrate on rural areas for development of various products.

·         The NABARD provide investment for development of production in the rural areas.

·         NABARD participate in formulation of rehabilitation schemes and training for personnel.

·         It provides and anchorages research in the field of banking and agriculture in rural areas.

·          It prepares annual credit plans in rural areas in all districts.

·         It mainly focuses on lower level agricultural like forms, irrigation, crop loans providing for farmers.

·         It also concentrates on development of women and children in rural areas. It provides group activities and also provides support as financially.

·         Training and production development programs for women in rural areas.

·         NABARD provide refinance for National Watershed Development program and National Mission of Wasteland Development.

·         For development of rural peoples particularly tribal peoples launch a program known as Vikas Volunteer Vahini Program this program guideline the tribal peoples regarding credits for fields, technologies for development of crop yield.

·         It inspect and supervise co-operative banks and regional rural banks.

·         NABARD also play a vital role in development of Human Resource. 

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