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The WTO is World Trade Organization. It deals the rules related to trade between nations. It was established on 1st january 1995. It was located in Geneva,Switzerland. It wasCreated by Uruguay Round negotiations (1986–94). 153 countries (since 23 July 2008) are taken membership for maintaing economical development.

The official website is

Functions of WTO:

  • It is an organization for liberalizing the trades.
  •  The forum for trade negotiations.
  • It is system to settle disputes.
  • Promote free trade
  • It responsible for stimulate economical growth.
  • The WTO act as mediating body for maintaining trades.
  • It impliment agreements regarding economy.
  • It also cooperating with other international organizations.


  • The main objective is improve employment.
  • Improve production and trade of the products.
  • Allow optimal use of work's resourse.
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