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In any organization for effective development both producers and consumers should be satisfied with their profits and services. But many developing countries agricultural market was not well developed. The farmers are facing many problems for selling their product.

The following are main problems observed in agricultural marketing.

·         Lack of transportation facility: Due to lack of transporation facility in villages within time the products can sell in market. Wastge of products may observed. Proper road facilities and vehicle facillities not available.

·         Role of middle men:

The middle men bye the produts from farmers at low cost and sell with high cost. So the farmers can not get profits.

·         Poor quality products: The product quality is depend on the usage of fertilizers and water. Due to lack of water quality products can not gain. No quality no money.

·         Lack of grading: By grading the product leads to the change of produt cost. Due to improper grading the product cost is very low in market.

·         Weights and mesurements: In various places the weights and mesurmens are varioed due to change of the weights the farmers lose the money.

·         Lack of storage conditions:Due to lack of storage facility the farmers are sell their produts immediately. Due this reason they lost money. Why because during at that time the produt cost is low, if store some time may incrase the product cost but have no storage facility.

·         Market News: In undeveloped countries the farmers are uneducated so they don’t know the price of product and market condtions so can’t get real price of product.

·         Lck of credit facility: The facilities are not available for farmer’s requirments. So they barrow money with interest and suffer lack of money.

·         Un adiquet knowledge: Due unadiquate knowledge the farmers can’t produce high yield.  

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