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The tablets are majorly administered for treatment of various types of diseases. These are solid unit formulations. various methods are available for tablets prepartion.

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      The solid dosage forms are mainly used for treatment of various diseases. The solid dosage forms are unit dosage forms. Various types of solid dosage forms are there example: Tablets, capsules, Effervescent formulations, powders, lozenges, pastilles, pellets plasters and suppositories etc.


Based on the method of preparation these are varied.


Tablets: The tablets are prepared either compressing or by molding technique.

Capsules: The drug and excipients may be solid or liquid can be filling in this dosage forms. The active pharmaceutical ingredient and additives are enclosed by gelatin shell.

Pellets: These are solid dosage forms used for placed subcutaneously for continuous absorption.

Plasters: These may be medicated or non-medicated used for adhesion of skin. These having backing material for avoid drug lose.

Effervescent preparation: These preparations are used for improve solubility, absorption of product. These are prepared by using ingredients like citric acid and calcium carbonate.

Lozenges pastilles: These are solid dosage forms with flavoring agents prepared by compression technique.

Preparation of Tablets: The tablets are unit solid dosage forms. Tablets were Prepared by three main methods.

  1. Direct compression: The active pharmaceutical ingredients and additives (Granulating agents, binders, glidents, lubricants, anti adhesives, fillers) are mixed thoroughly and compressed directly.
  2. Dry granulation: In this procedure first prepare dry granules by passing of all active pharmaceutical ingredients and additives into rollers and then sieves for getting of desired size granules. The obtained granules are mixed with glidents and lubricants and then compress the tablets.
  3. Wet granulation: In this method the granulating agents are used for preparation of wet mass. The wet mass is passed through sieve is known as wet granulation. Then these granules are dried in oven mix extra granular disintegrating agents and glidents and lubricants for avoid tablet manufacturing problems. Finally compress in punching machine.

Based on the type of various suitable method is used for tablets manufacturing.