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It is one of the process for getting traffic from the oraganic, free, editorial and natural search results in the search engine. The Search Engines like Google chrome, yahoo, bing etc

Any information can get imediately by using this SEO

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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a process of optimizing website using techniques and strategies to achieve higher pagerank which in turn obtaining high rank placement in search engine results page.

It can split into two different types:

·         White hat SEO

·         Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO: Refers to deceitful way of cheating search engines to achieve high ranking using unusual techniques such as keyword stuffing, cloaking, spamming and many more. Occasionally these kinds of sites will be blacklisted by search engines for violating the guidelines.

White hat SEO: Refers to optimize the website with various factors such as link building, Meta tags, social media activities and many more. Gaining trust with the search engines helps the website to rank high and get more web traffic to their site.

According to Google’s guidelines, White hat SEO is recommended.

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