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Whatever the business is web traffic is essential nowadays to increase leads and brand promotion.

The number of visitors to our website is proportional to viewers of our website which is related to brand promotion but we can’t give the guarantee for potential customers.  There are several ways to increase the traffic to our business website which includes both free and paid. Below are some few tips and tricks to increase traffic to business website:

SEO (search engine optimization) –

“Search engine optimization” This is the trending word happening with high potentiality and search volume string in the major search engines and business minds.  As today search engines are taking a major part of traffic sources for any business website, search engine optimization is considered as a key factor to increase the rankings.

SEO plays a most important role to accomplish high rankings for any website.

Few steps in SEO:

  • Keyword Segregation – selecting the business keywords and targeting , avoiding the negative keywords
  • On Page optimization – Meta data , headings (H1, H2), <alt> tags, keyword density, clean URL’s, sitemap, robots.txt etc..,
  • Off page optimization - Directory submissions, social bookmarking, articles, press releases etc.., 

PPC (pay per click advertising) – this is the most easiest and effective channel to increase the traffic to your business website. Pay per click (PPC) is the most successful way to get qualified visits to a website. Major services providers for PPC :

  • Google Adwords (Double click)
  • Facebook ADS
  • Yahoo
  • Bing ADS
  • Infolinks etc..,

SMO (social media optimization) – social media is the easiest and free way to drive traffic to your business website and also for brand promotion as well.

Social media success formula can be described in simple terms as Like and Share

To have a great experience in Social media we need to increase followers to our official social media channels by sharing interesting content and staying updated with highly featured trending topics.  

Popular social media channels :Web traffic = Business






 Google+  Etc...,

SMM (social media marketing) – one of the best ways to acquire priority traffic to your business website is advertising your brand on social media portals. One can advertise their brand through advertisements on Facebook,yahoo, Linkedln Etc..,

Some other traditional ways to get traffic – Blogging, Banner Ads, Forum discussion, Email marketing (Newsletters)

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