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It is a process of controlling how company represent itself to users who are searching for your business online, through search engines, news, articles, blogs, forums, social networking sites or anything on internet. People searching for product or services will make internet as the first step to know about the company. Search results highly influence the viewer’s perceptions about company and their services. Customers will decide about a company on seeing the reviews.

Business owners should manage online search results what to show to their users. Positive reviews will boost the business whereas negative reviews or complaints will adversely affect. It takes years to build the reputation, and it can be destroyed in hours. You might be providing excellent service, but one negative post could dawn your business reputation and destroy it. If one person is not satisfied with your business they can share their experience to hundreds or thousands of people with the use of social media, blogs etc. Customers trust other customers review more than the manufactures words and switch to competitors. With this your brand reputation will be completely damaged and you may lose valuable customers.


Controlling online reputation is no longer a choice. It can be managed by Online Reputation Management. ORM is a process of restoring business reputation online by replacing or reducing negative posts with positive ones.