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Canonicalization is best picking the URL from many similar domain URL names and referring that has the Home page. It is essential in optimizing a website and used to fix the duplicate content. As there will be multiple URL’s for a web page with same content and if it is not redirected then the pages gets split up. Search engine gives priority separately and not in a combined manner, hence redirections need to be done so that URL’s can be changed and combined.

Canonicalization is a process that serves the page having more similar data as one normal page.

Canonical redirection:

It is a redirection of multiple URL to one URL for search engine optimization. Example, linking the non www URL to www URL. It is not restricted to alphanumeric character but includes forward slashes in URLs. If the redirection is not done then the search engine will treat it has each page and gives separate reports and results with different backlinks that will affect the SEO for the site. The redirection is also done for changed domain names of company. Example: company name may be long and shorten it in later days. While doing the redirection process the SERP rank may come down as Google thinks each backlink as one.

301 redirection is a HTTP code and using that will redirect the URLs to communicate to the software, which is a permanent redirection for Google page rank. 301 are done for URL having URL with index. 302 redirection is a temporary redirection. These canonicals mainly useful in ecommerce websites.


How to fix Canonical redirection:

Canonical Redirection

By giving the HTML code using canonical tags can fix the issue.

The Canonical tags are as follows:

link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

The Tag tells the Google to index the URL mention in the tag. Rel="canonical" tag is used to know the Google which one is original among multiple pages in a site both internally and externally and to be mentioned on every URL that need to be linked.

These URL is only for the search engine to redirect but the users can use the different URLs. To create a 301 redirection the root of your UNIX server need to be uploaded with an .htaccess file. This 301 redirection will have a greater impact on SEO. It is done for the 404 pages and for relevant content pages.

If you are developing a website in PHP then coding to be done in .htaccess file and if it is in .Net then code should be in web.config file.