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What is Google?

Google is a search engine , where one can get the relevant answers / information for their keywords. According to AlexaPageRank, Google is the top most ranked page when compared to all the websites in the world. Google is a search engine which helps you find and explore the web by using a keyword. Google also provides that let you send mail ( Gmail) , create Blogs( Blogger),also publish webpages( Google Sites) and Socialize (Google Plus) .


How Google Started its Journey?

 It all started with Larry Page and Sergey Brin collaborating at Stanford University on a search Engine called “backrub”. The name came from the search engines use of backlinks , its name was later patented as “Pagerank” as an honor to Google’s Co-founder Larry Page.During the end of 1998 both the co-founders left Standford Univeristy and started Google!.

This was an instant hit ! By 2001 Google was the world’s largest search engine.

Most of the services that Google offers are free and the user doesnot have to pay money to Google to use them, But Google earns profit by targeted advertising ! This is largest revenue generator for  Google . Though Google also offers servers and email for Enterprises.

Current offerings by Google:

The various services offered by Google are listed as follows:

  • Communication Tools such as Blogger, Calender , Gmail , Gtalk , Google Groups
  • Software Application such as Google Desktop, Google Earth, Picasa, Google Toolbar.
  • Mobile Applications Such as Google Maps, Hangouts, Google News,Google Plus


Google has also entered into various controversies as it had to filter keywords for searches originating from coutries like China,France etcWhich lead to censorship .But Google maintains that results are only filtered to comply law and order !


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