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The full form of OHP sheet is Over Head Projector Sheets. It is majorly  used in art schools for oil paints and acrylic paints.

- It is also used for food industry and peculiarly for baking and garnishing industry.

- The stensiling task projects require these sheets.

-  These sheets are used in between colour prints of the project book which are primarly used by the engineering students, graduates etc.

- It is as well used for the decoration of the houses and sarees for design outlook and corporate needs like ID cards etc.

- This is widely used by the variety of sectors  and industries like textile industry etc. since it is an alternative for the glass and cost effective.

OHP sheets

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OHP sheet

OHP stands for Overhead projector. OHP sheet is also called as transparent sheet. This is made of a material which is light weight transparent plastic film with superior quality of poly vinyl chloride. The sheet is having an ink receiving layer at one side and being opaque, when it is heated at 30-50 degree it become transparent as it has porous containing polymer plastic. You can use OHP marker to write and can use acrylic paints.

OHP sheet

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1.     The sheet is use to print Images and letters.

2.     To decorate cakes and for making crafts.

3.     Can use to draw tactile pattern which helps the vision loss people to read the text.

4.     OHP sheet is user friendly and does not require any technical skills or knowledge.

5.     It is used for binding and lamination.

6.     The diagrams can be drawing in OHP sheets that make the teaching easier.