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  1. Periodic table is an arrangement of chemical elements in tabular form. The elements are arranged in tabular form based on their atomic number.
  • The atomic number means number of protons present in the element. Electronic configuration and chemical properties are also considered during arrangement of chemical elements in the form of table.
  1. All elements are arranged from 1 to 118 based on their atomic number and chemical properties.   
  2. These horizontal rows of the elements are arranged based on atomic number. The horizontal rows called periods.
  3. The columns of the elements called groups all these comes under same chemical behaviour  for example: group 17 elements called halogens and group 18 elements called noble gases.
  4.  The elements having approximately similar chemical properties considered in four rectangular blocks.
  5. Up to now 118 elements are discovered or synthesised. The arrangements of the elements done in Mendeleev periodic table.